Celebrating God's faithfulness to HCFI over 70 years

The Early Beginnings

1936 Fellowship launched in Kempton Park, South Africa

Pioneering Journeys by Francis Grim

1951 First journey to British Isles, Europe and Scandinavia

1954 First journey into Southern and Central Africa

1955 First journey to East Africa and Middle East

1962 First journey to Asia, Far East and Oceania

1965 First journey to South, Central and North America

Subsequently, repeated journeys to various continents were undertaken by Francis Grim, and later also by HCFI Regional Promoters and International staff as these were appointed. Fellowships were consolidated and new areas penetrated.

International Bases

1945 First Base purchased at 25, Oak Avenue, Kempton Park, South Africa

1970 First Base for Europe in Rotterdam, Netherlands

1974 First International Training Base established in Voorthuizen, Netherlands

1978 International Base at 25, Oak Avenue moved to larger premises - Eikerus, Kempton Park

1991 All-Africa Training program commenced in South Africa

2000 International Training and HCFI Headquarters moved from Eikerus to Hebron, S. Africa

2002 Asian Training Base established in the Philippines

World Conferences

1969 Rome, Italy, with 204 delegates from 37 countries

1972 Kossen, Austria, with 300 delegates from 55 countries

1975 Kossen, Austria, with 500 delegates from 72 countries

1978 Aberystwyth, Wales, with 900 delegates from 88 countries

1981 Exeter, England, with 1200 delegates from 102 countries

1990 Exeter, England, with over 1000 delegates from 106 countries

Staff and Leaders' Conferences 1983 – 2004

These were held in the Netherlands, Thailand, Jerusalem and South Africa, with attendances rising from an initial 200 delegates from 60 countries, to over 500 participants from 88 countries.

International Team meetings

HCFI Board members, International Leaders and Regional Promoters have met together from 1992 to 2004. The last gathering was held in South Africa in 2007.

Golden Jubilee Celebrations 1986/1987

Jubilee Conferences were held on all continents of the world, drawing close on 4,000 delegates for the celebrations.

70th Anniversary Celebrations 2006

Much-blest Regional Conferences were convened in the USA, Caribbean, East Africa, Southern Africa, West Africa and Asia/Pacific during 2006, with several National Fellowships commemorating the event in their own countries

"O give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good: for His mercy endures for ever" (Psalm 107:1)